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Is a small blister composed of a phospholipid sheath and an internal liquid medium. Vitamins, minerals, plant extracts or other nutrients can be placed inside them. This shape increases the stability and entry of nutrients inside the microcapsule into the intestinal cells.

Absorption of substances encapsulated in microcapsules is up to 6 times more efficient than the same substances contained in non-microcapsules. Better nutrient uptake is due to the size and shell of the microcapsules.

Efficient Absorption Technology

The microcapsule is made using patented Efficient Absorption Technology (EPT) . It is because of this technology that vitamins, minerals and plant extracts are broken down into very small particles and covered with a protective swab – a microcapsule. It works in two ways: as a protective layer of the substance inside (protects the nutrients inside from stomach acids and other substances that destroy substances). Second, encapsulated materials tend to stick inside the microcapsule and therefore do not irritate the stomach. Thus, this way of encapsulating nutrients can ensure up to 6 times more efficient absorption in the body.

It is a spherical particle into which molecules of various substances can be inserted: vitamins, minerals, flavonoids or plant extracts.